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Our Creative Minds

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Hello & Welcome!

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John Vanderlaan

Nice to meet!

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Marta Laning
Web engineer

Whats Up!

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Hi to all!

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Emma Connor
Creative Director

Why Choose Us?


We are focused solely on providing quality geophysical services. Prism GeoImaging, Inc. does not compete with its clients by providing environmental or engineering consulting services.

We have expertise in using geophysics on a broad array of projects, from simple UST searches to large engineering projects and detailed studies of complex geologic features.


Over the years we have developed a reputation as knowledgeable and innovative geophysicists, gaining recognition from our clients, peers, and vendors.

We are committed to dealing ethically and with integrity toward our clients, vendors, colleagues.


We really enjoy the work we do, and derive genuine personal satisfaction in delivering a quality product which our clients appreciate and value highly. Give us a call if you’re wondering if geophysics may beneficial to your project. We love talking about what we do!

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